Today’s Child Event

Today's Child Flyer 2018


 Jennifer Maud has launched Todays Child in 2018 as a training platform for teachers and parents alike. Workshops are offered to train up people that are impacting our next generation. Our children need us, and we need to understand how to make an impact in their lives.

Training sessions can be set up in schools, or with groups of parents directly. Workshops offered can vary depending on need. Both half day, full day and evening workshops are offered.

The event focuses on giving teachers and parents the latest evidence-based research on issues around development, play, technology, burn out, anxiety – to name a few. We envision being the leading experts on the field of paediatric education in schools, medical fields and parenting education.

CPD points available.


1. Play and its benefits for all age groups:

Facilitating bonds and attachment between parent /child through play. Emotional and sensory processing through play. Play vs Playfulness. Play as a process. Stages of Play. Integrational Play

2. Making sense of sensation:
Equipping teachers and parents to enable their child with sensory processing difficulties to flourish in every environment.

3. Peeling back the layers of ADHD:
Hyperactivity, poor attention, impulsivity? But what lies underneath these behaviours? Taking a look at the socio-emotional struggle of this “gift”

3. Speech and language development:

Equipping your child’s communicative ability and understanding auditory processing.  Speech development in a nutshell.

5. Neurodevelopment from a physio’s perspective:
Posture, strength, endurance and muscle tone. Gross motor development in a nutshell.

6. Today’s Child in a world of technology:
The changes that technology has brought to today’s child and what your children might need most – with a focus on emotional development and wellbeing.

7. Burn out:
Teachers and parents alike – take a moment to hear our psychologist’s perspective on avoiding it!

The workshop will be run by a team of experienced and passionate therapists from a variety of therapy fields

Jennifer Maud
Claudia Kotzen